Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Here is an article that I created for STYLECREEPER.COM when I was last in Australia: 

Photography, styling and words by me. 
The grunge look is a distinct style that seems to be dominating street fashion these days. The generation of the 90s was about living cheap, being wild and free, and not giving a fuck. It was a movement driven by music and rebellion. Kids of the grunge era were not at all concerned about fashion trends or designer clothes. Ironically, years later, we look back at this generation for inspiration for our personal style. The 90s grunge look can be accomplished by using pieces from the latest designer fashions, ransacking a thrift store or manipulating pieces you already have. So let’s look into how to create the ‘just woke up in 1994, hungover, and I don’t give a fuck’ look.
“Grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money,” Jean Paul Gaultier told Vogue in 1993
 STEP ONE: DON’T TRY TOO HARD.Make sure you look like you don’t really give a shit. When styling a grungy look, give off the impression that there was no styling involved. The people of the grunge movement weren’t particularly concerned about fashion. The guys and gals of this era lived for the music; their style came naturally.
STEP TWO: DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR.Yes that means just rinse. Not only should you not wash your hair, you should leave it completely natural. If you were a grunge kid in the 90s, the last thing you were concerned with was your bi-weeky root touch-up. Luckily, for the sake of your hair, there are benefits to letting your hair go unwashed. Natural oils are great for your hair and it gives it a chic ‘don’t give a fuck’ look. Very grunge, very hobo chic.
STEP THREE: SHOP VINTAGE.Chances are, half the items in a thrift store are dirty, old, smelly and from the 90s. Perfect! This is ideal to find original pieces you would see a grunge kid from the 90s wearing.  For those of us who don’t have the time, patience or laundry detergent to go through this process…visit some local vintage boutiques that do the dirty work. Look for plaid flannel shirts, blue ripped jeans etc.
STEP FOUR: LAYERS.Layers, layers, layers, layers. Add layers to make yourself look like a mountain of unwashed clothing consisting of a variety of plaid prints, leather and denim. Layers are the key to the grunge look. If you’re getting too hot wearing all these layers, tie them around your waist.
STEP 5: DON’T BUY PRETTY SHOES.This means no pretty stilettos. Wear shoes that could double as a weapon if required. Some grunge concerts can get violent so be ready to kick someone in the face. Combat boots or Doc Martens are fantastic. If you still want to feel pretty, try Balenciaga cut-out boots, or Marques’ Almeida tractor sole sling-back (in above photo).
STEP 6: GO OVERSIZE.Girls who want to dress grunge need to be okay with a little bit of tomboy chic. Androgyny is currently one of the most prominent characteristics of current runway fashion so whether you are buying from a thrift store, or from Barneys New York, finding oversized garments is a breeze these days. A quick look online and you’ll see that a fabulous selection of boyfriend jeans are flooding the shelves of many retail stores. For a grunge look try ASOS ripped acid wash boyfriend jeans. Or, you could quite literally borrow your boyfriend’s jeans to pull off the look.
STEP 7: BE A BADASS.90’s grunge kids did not have a Macbook to read a style blog for inspiration. The grunge movement is defined by living free and living for the music. They would live cheap, and dirty, stay out all night and challenge expectations society had for youth. If you want to pull of 90’s grunge, focus on more than just the look. Be a badass. The style will come naturally.
Garments featured can be found at Opening Ceremony, Barneys and Topshop

Monday, 10 February 2014


Recently I was the stylist for X-Factor's finalist Taylor Henderson's music video shoot for "Borrow My Heart".
I really enjoyed working on this with  the director, James Chappell, who had an amazing vision for this video. We had such a great team, the shoot was a blast and Taylor is just so incredibly talented.
I styled Taylor with garments to reflect the directors vision of a dreamy summer day and night.
My favourite look is in the black leather motorcycle jacket, he looks so good!

Special thanks to my assistant for the shoot, Gabriella Briganti

Looking forward to seeing everyone next time I am back in Australia!

Saturday, 26 October 2013



I styled Ruth and DeeJ in monochromatic looks and followed them around with my camera all day. 

I am a sucker for an all black outfit. Wearing all black is kind of my thing. It's a great way to stand out. We all know that you can never be over or underdressed with this simple color scheme. However, when it comes to this type of color palette is essential to create a wow factor without relying on patterns, prints or colors. I think an all black or all white outfit is a statement in itself, but let me tell you how to style this look to stand out in a crowd.

1. ADD MORE Add an extra piece. Hats, jewellery, tattoos. Whatever you got- showcase it and make it loud. Add an extra layer. Maybe a waist tie. Right now I am in love with bomber jackets. When you remove colour from an outfit, you are sacrificing options such as color blocking, statement color pieces, color coordination and many other techniques essential to creating a wow factor. Introduce a new piece to give your outfit flair. 

2. PLAY WITH TEXTURE Use a variety of fabrics and and texture to give your look a new dynamic. Picture your outfit like a salad with different tastes and textures. Layer solid fabric with a mesh or chiffon. Try a garment with leather accent panels. A black velvet blazer is hella good. Be playful and creative when combining fabrics. Anybody has access to black apparel; not everyone can wear it well. 

3. STATEMENT HAIR/MAKE-UP Use the absence of color in your outfit to turn heads with your hairstyle or make-up. Boys can go for a fresh of the runway undercut with shaved sides. Girls the possibilities are endless. Run with this idea and express a look through your hair. Do your make up LOUD. Dont overdo it. If you are going with statement eye make-up, go easy on the lips. And vise versa. Use a vivid eye color or embrace the monochrome and do a smokey eye. Its all about drama. 

4. FOCUS ON THE CUT Drift away from your typical tops and bottoms by creating an effective silhouette Without the use of color you must focus on the fit and cut of the garment to stand out. Go oversized or boxy fit. Try a harem pants. Pair it with a crop top. Get a unique fitting jacket. Boys can  Find a unique fitting statement piece that will make your outfit stand out. 

4. OMG SHOES This is your opportunity to make jaws drop. The shoes will complete your monochrome styling and it can make or break your outfit. Patent leather, glitter, chrome accents, zippers, high and low cuts all work hard for your ensemble. If you are worried that your outfit is basic then make the shoes not-so-basic. Platform creepers are cool. For that street look check out Adidas collaborations with designer Raf Simons,Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens.

Monday, 21 October 2013


 photo IMG_0040_zpsd924dee3.jpg

This time next week I will be living in Sydney, Australia. Its time for me to say bye to cold weather, layers and autumn/winter fashion and say hello summer! 

I've decided to dissect spring/summer 2014 fashion shows and check out upcoming runway trends for inspiration. It really was an breathtaking year of fashion shows and I could not be more excited about what my favorite designers have ready to hit the shelves in the new year. Designers like Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein are killing it this year. 

I think Spring/Summer 2014 will be a milestone year for fashion. Below, in alphabetical order, I have attached my top 2 looks from each upcoming collection. I could see myself sporting any of these looks. I especially loved the bomber jackets, baseball caps, sandals and shorts over leggings. This season was FIRE. Enjoy!

I have posted the top looks from the hottest designers

Wednesday, 16 October 2013



Last night was the H&M CANADA launch party at  Bayshore Shopping Centre in my hometown of Ottawa! I am so glad I was in town for this event. The party was fabulous! The food and drink were spectacular. The venue was unique. Guests were from across Canada and from all over the world! Not to mention our entertainment from Oh Land visiting us from Denmark. Attendees were dressed stylishly to drop jaws on the red carpet. The night was full of smiles and laughter. We even had the chance to do some shopping while the DJ dropped us a beat. The store opening featured H&M's Autumn 2013 collection.  
I hit this party with my camera and spent the night mingling and snapping photos.
Thank you BLACKBOOK LIFESTYLE for sending me this event!

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I recently had the chance to assist Toronto stylist, Bobby Bowen for an editorial photoshoot for the streetwear label S.P BADU. The photos are in and they turned out amazing! Sadiq you look amazing. Photography by Paolo Azarraga.

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